Real Academia Nacional de Medicina


It is composed of specialists in terminology and academics of this institution to collaborate closely. They integrate the Panel on medical terminology, which is the body that manages and coordinates the work.

Members who make up this Committee:

  • Excmo. Sr. D. Hipólito Durán Sacristán
  • Excmo. Sr. D. Antonio Campos Muñoz
  • Excmo. Sr. D. Luis García-Sancho Martín
  • Excmo. Sr. D. Enrique Moreno González
  • Excmo. Sr. D. Enrique Casado de Frías
  • Excmo. Sr. D. Carlos Seoane Prado
  • Excmo. Sr. D. José Miguel García Sagredo


  • D.ª Cristina González Sánchez
  • D.ª Carmen Remacha Martínez